garden memories


1.  Gardens are places of special meaning and fond memories.  Gardens are also good places, especially for kids, to develop ideas, attitudes, and skills associated with nature, which can be carried on into adulthood.  For instance, if you were to give it some thought, could you recall specific plants or important events from your own childhood gardening experience?

2.  Memories outside last a lifetime.  While it may be difficult for children to recall what they had for lunch yesterday, ask them about something they did in the garden and they're sure to remember.  Gardens are well known for triggering memories, and there's no better learning tool for children than gardening.  Not only do kids get hands-on experience involving things like digging and planting, but when kids become involved with all aspects of gardening, they are more open to learning and recalling important life skills, from concentration to responsibility and respect..

3.  Gardens are resourceful places where kids can develop lifelong skills for interacting with nature as well as with others.  Plants in the garden can improve kids' memory and their ability to recall facts.  Gardens can also improve kids vocabulary.

Download the grow with me Garden Journal - a great resource for keeping track of all your garden memories