Caring for plants and watching them grow leaves gives kids a sense of pride and accomplishment.  There are many ways to teach kids how to care for plants.  Most often this is achieved by using a variety of fun-filled activities throughout the growing season, which is a great way for kids to learn about plant growth.  As kids participate with these activities, encourage them to share in the care of plants through routine watering and other necessary maintenance.

Growth Chart Journal

Encourage kids to keep track of plant growth in the garden by creating a growth chart gardening journal.  A great example is the grow with me Gardening Journal.  Tell them to record the plants at various stages of development and have the kids make predictions.  Ask questions about their plants and have them write down the answers.  For example, "what will the seed do once planted?  How long do you think it would take the seed to germinate?"

Have children illustrate their growth chart journal.  A good way to teach observation skills is by having the kids draw a picture of their plants as they sprout.  Let them label the plant parts as they develop and have them add details to their picture as the plants grow.  For instance, add new leaves as they appear.  Lengthen the stem as the plant gets taller.  Draw flower buds as they appear, and so on.